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Learn about setting your life in Turkey to teach English. Find best working possibilities and living conditions to work as an English teacher.

flag_turkeyClass sizes are usually big in the private / public schools around 20- 30 in one class, and in language schools around 10 people.
Turkish people are moving towards joining the EU, so they are think it's really important for them to now learn English as a second language. In major cities there is a big demand for Business English, and you will be able to find company work. There is a great demand for private lessons too. You will get approached for this. Check our salary guide on the sample page for more details.

Normal school hours are 8.30AM – 4 PM Monday to Friday.
Language schools times differ with every school, you may end up working a lot of nights but no morning classes. Contracts are for the school year September to the end of June. Schools normally close for 2 months during summer due to the intense heat, especially in the major cities.
When talking to your school about your job, find out if they offer free accommodation, as well as some sort of flight allowance.

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