Teach English Abroad   Job Tips

Consider qualifications, derees, certificates and find best job positions for teachers of English in Taiwan.
Job Tips

A college degree is often required from the person who wants to teach English in Taiwan. The field of study is not very much important; those with degrees in language or teaching related fields will probably have an edge when it comes to finding a job. Depending on what your major is, you need a four-year B.A. in order to be able to obtain the position of a teacher.

At last, though it is not required, it’s good to have a TEFL certificate. With the help of this certificate you are illegible to teach English as a second language, and it may be extraordinarily helpful. It will not only make you candidature better during the choosing among other teachers.  During the program you will also learn how to behave in class. TEFL can be obtained through a simple month-long program at various numbers of schools and other commercial organizations that offer it.   

If you have a good qualification and willing to go, your next step towards teaching English in Taiwan is to decide where you want to go, and at what institution to teach. In Taiwan there are a lot of different English level schools, from child ones to adult. Taiwan has many private institutions and public ones as well, and everywhere there is a need of a native English language speaker.

First of all chose in what city you would like to be teaching; in Taiwan, there's a major difference between the major big urbanized cities and the province. In the capital Taipei, such thing as the American accent is in great demand, and American teaching English in Taiwan can expect many offers from employers; but what is bad is that you may get the offer from the employer out of the place where you actually don’t want to live.

The capital of the country has big problems with air and water pollution as well as urban overcrowding and high pay for apartment rent. Keep in mind when choosing a job that you won't only be teaching English- you'll also dwell in some room, for which you are going to pay. 

If you want to find a good job in Taiwan all you need to do is a well organized search and nothing special more. Check the positions that offer many of Taiwan schools, and search the areas and surrounding them to ensure it's a place where you can be happy. If you can, pay a visit to the school and city where you would like to be working. You should remember that it is not just a simple job, it’s the great change in your life.