Teach English Abroad   Employment

Here you will find a list of possible employment places, find out what are the best options for teachers in Taiwan.

In Taiwan there a lot of places where you can teach English. Though the cost of living is quite low, the payment is rather high, so it’s not obligatory to have a big number degrees and qualifications. The majority of teachers are hired by some special kind of schools, known as buxibans. In these schools you get knowledge from elementary to university level. You can be also employed in a private school, or by some private firm, or as a tutor.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Buxibans
Such schools have quite queer selection criteria. Some need North Americans with native accent, while other candidates are not even considered. Full time employees teach on average 80'100 hours a month and get 600 of local dollars per hour. To be ready for job you need a lot of cultural adaptation and pre-coming preparation, but the cost of living is low and with such a salary, you should be able to save and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. We advise you to come in the July-August summer break or during January when most schools close and celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Teaching English in Taiwan at Kindergarten and Elementary Schools
No teaching experience or TEFL certificate is required. In the class the number of students is not very high, and the lower age level is 2 years old, so the level of taught language is just lower than elementary, primary. Not all the schools have English teaching material and you will have to bring some educational materials with you from home.

Teaching English in Taiwan at High Schools
At high school the teacher with a certificate is expected, and education has a more formal structure. The class comprises 25 and more students so you will have to prepare for oral and written tasks, conversation, dramas, reading.  The employment criteria are quite high, and the best way to ensure employment as an English teacher is to contact the principals directly. Native English speakers with good North American accent are in favorable position, and non-Anglophones have to pass the (TOEFL) exam. The total salary payment can be up to 800 dollars per month.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Universities
Bachelor degree is a must, or you need to have a TEFL certificate or working experience. The salary is quite high, but you need to do as lot of preparation beforehand. There are also students who study for the TOEFL in order to gain entrance to a university. Classes can be visited by businessmen who want to improve their communicational level of English. The salaries are as high as NT$900 an hour.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Private Companies
There are a lot of companies that hire English language teachers in order to improve the communicational level of employees. Teachers get about NT$500-NT$1200 an hour. Solid preparation is required and some business background may be quite useful. Many of the companies require a test to prove your English teaching ability despite the degree is not a must.

Teaching English in Taiwan at Private Schools
An amendment to the Employment Service Law, which was adopted in 2000, makes it possible to hire teachers at private elementary and junior schools. But here you need a certificate of ESL. There are a lot of web sited which provide needed info.