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Insurance and taxes, traditions and behavior of country citizens, visa matters and apartment search tips, all that you will find here.

flag_taiwanThere is a great demand for English language teachers in the country of Taiwan. If you want to go abroad, teach English and not only make a career but also to get some new experience and impression, we can you to visit Taiwan.

In Taiwan a lot of attention is paid to the problems of global communication, and the citizens of the country make an emphasis on learning English language. Recent changes in the immigrations law made it les easy to free flooding of lots of tutors and teachers of English in the country, so the job market for English teachers is in desperate need of experienced applicants. Native English speakers who can head to Taiwan and teach for at least a year are virtually guaranteed a job. But settle it down before the departure.

If you want to teach English in Taiwan, there is a number of rules to be preserved. The most important of which is the presence of a working visa. It may be quite difficult to obtain a visa and it needs a lot of paper work to be done, so it's vital to start the process as soon as you can. If you are offered the job but you don’t have a visa yet, don’t push the offer aside, you are likely to obtain it!  A number of Taiwan governmental sites may help you to find what you need.

 If you haven’t found the establishment, firm or school, that will hire you, don’t worry much, they will more than likely be happy to sponsor you for your visa. Due to the lack of teachers, in case a good one is found, they're going to try to get you over there as smoothly as possible!

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