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Find information about the visa, work permits, teaching job opportunities and main requirements for EFL teachers. Learn the easiest ways how to get a teaching position in Switzerland.
Teaching Opportunities

teachingThere are two main spheres where you can apply your knowledge and experience of an EFL teacher: the state and the private schooling. The job positions are more easily available in the private sphere. In fact, plenty of jobs are freelance are freelance positions on a part-time or freelance basis not being advertised in local papers. The private schools are often contacted directly by teachers who want to apply for a job.

The peculiarities of the sphere of teaching include:
• The private schools offer more job positions than state schools.
• Salaries offered by private schools are lower than those offered by state run schools.
• Private schools can offer very vague or even non-existent contracts.
• Getting a position in a state sector is many times more difficult than in a private school.
• The greatest number of private language schools is situated in Zurich.
• Basel is economically better off than Zurich; consequently, teachers’ salaries are higher there.
• Most of the private schools are rather small and there are plenty of them throughout the country.
• The turnover rate of teachers is high.

Foreigners who wish to work as EFL teachers in Switzerland must:
- have a valid work permit
- have a CELTA or TESOL qualification
- teaching experience

Visa and Work Permit

While in some countries it is possible to enter the country without a valid work permit and then find a job and consequently get a work permit, this scenario in no case work in Switzerland. If you come to Switzerland without a visa (if you are a resident of EU, for example, or you have come for less than 3 months, which is allowed for the residents of certain countries), you will never be given a work permit, and, therefore, a work place.

There are several ways to get a teaching position in Switzerland:
1) You can find an employer who would initiate obtaining a work permit for you.
2) You may obtain a work permit in any other than teaching sphere and then take CELTA or TESOL course in Switzerland
3) You may obtain residence permit in Switzerland and then apply for any job you wish.

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