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Read about teaching opportunities and basic requirements for EFL teachers in Switzerland. Learn more about the country's social, economic and political life.

indexSituated on the crossroads of several major European countries, Switzerland has been strongly influenced by the culture practices and languages of those countries. There are four official languages in Switzerland. They are German, French, Italian, and Romansch (based on Latin and spoken by a small minority in the Canton Graubunden). The German, which is spoken in everyday life, is predominantly a Swiss dialect, but newspapers and some broadcasts use high German. For the most part, Swiss speak more than one language. Besides, English is often used as a second language and is known by most professionals.

If you plan to teach EFL in Switzerland, you should acquainted with the basic information about the country, its social, political and cultural life, people, their habits and traditions. This will surely help you better adjust to a new surrounding and get involved in the new social life.

Read the articles below to familiarize yourself with the country information and teaching opportunities and requirements in Switzerland.

Country Information
Get to know basic factual information about Switzerland, its geography, climate, political and public life as well as economy and transport system.
Teaching Opportunities
Find information about the visa, work permits, teaching job opportunities and main requirements for EFL teachers. Learn the easiest ways how to get a teaching position in Switzerland.