Teach English Abroad   Spain

Search for best positions and high pay rates in Spain. Read about local customs, rules and legal responsibilities of you and your employer while staying in Spain as a English teacher.
flag_spainIf you want to teach in somewhat exotic place, the country with warm climate and interesting people, there is no better choice for you that Spain. 

Teaching English in Spain is a fulfilling, challenging, and exciting career option for those who have not only the aim for earning money but are quite adventurous and seek for exiting recollections.

In some countries of Europe and Asia to find a job of an English teacher is simple. The situation is different when speak about Spain. If you are a teacher from USA or Canada, it will be easier, but still it’s not a piece of cake at all.   

During your stay in Spain participate in cultural and linguistic exchange teaching program. You will be living with a host family and be treated relatively to your status. You will be living in Madrid with the family you have chosen and teach English to them as their English tutor and in return receive free room and board. There is no better chance to see the magic world of Spain, visit all the sightings of the country and improve your language skills that to do it in Spain.

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