Teach English Abroad   Saudi Arabia

Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of working as an EFL teacher in Saudi Arabia. Learn more about the country, its traditions, people and way of organization of the teaching process.

indexIf you want to earn serious money and long for some extreme changes in the cultural and social life of yours, then Saudi Arabia is a perfect destination for you. It is not the country of parties and entertainment, rather a quite place with not much communication.

Although most of the EFL teachers in Saudi Arabia come form Syria, Jordan and Egypt, the demand for professional and experienced native speakers is high and if you meet the requirements, you are likely to be offered a job. English is needed in business sphere, for communication in hotels, airports, hospitals and other institutions that provide services for non-local residents.

To suit in the society, you should remain open-minded, reserved and unemotional about the differences of life you will meet. The compensations may be adequate including trips to the desert, diving in the Gulf or the Red Sea, exploring historic ruins, shopping, crafts, sports, etc.

Read the articles below to learn more about the political and social organization of the country as well as the main requirements and opportunities for EFL teachers, and how to prepare for the job.

Country Information
Get to know more about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its geographical features, cultural and political life, economy and communications.
Teaching Experience
Check out the opportunities EFL teachers have in Saudi Arabia. Find both advantages and disadvantages of teaching in this country and learn more about visa requirements and places to teach.