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Consider information about language volunteer programs for English teachers in Philippines, find best options, learn about costs and wages.
Volunteer Programs

 The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 tropical islands stretching across a vast expanse of ocean in Southeast Asia. The country is full of cultural and economical diversity, so together with beautiful nature and kind people this place turns into one of the most fascinating in the world. As home to lively festivals, friendly people, cities and villages, beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, and coral reefs teeming with life, the Philippines is truly a unique jewel in the South China Sea.

Volunteer on the island of Leyte, for an unforgettable and meaningful way to experience the Philippines, its culture, and people. Volunteers will help you get used to the local customs and assist in finding an accommodation. They teach English and many other subjects to elementary school children from 5-12 years of age while native or fluent English speakers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly to a child's educational development. Volunteers also help new coming teachers to conduct lessons in classes on the first stages, which typically range in size from 20 to 30 pupils.

Teaching Children in the Philippines
Qualifications: Volunteers must have: English language fluency, a desire to help children grow, flexibility, self-motivation, openness to a new culture and a willingness to learn, willingness to live with a Filipino family.

Cost in US$: $630+
Cost Includes: Pre-departure packet to prepare you for your placement, World Endeavors support for any of your pre-trip questions, Airport pick-up and drop-off, All in-country travel and coordination, Philippine food and accommodations, Support from local World Endeavors representatives, Tour of Tacloban City, Tour of the Santo Nino Shrine and Heritage Center, Visit to MacArthur Beach at Palo, Volunteer placement.

Typical Volunteer Projects:
1. academic reinforcement
2. education
3. English teaching
4. primary education
5. teaching
6. youth development

Volunteer for the Visayans is a non-government organization that works with the following objectives:

To provide volunteer placements for the international and local volunteers in the Philippines.
To establish bonds between international volunteers and local hosts.
To provide support services in the areas of social welfare, education and ecology.
To share and contribute with one another the good thoughts, ideas, experiences, skills, expertise and resources which are possible for the welfare of individual members of the organization, their respective families and the community.
To enable society to profit from the good deeds and examples along with their cultural heritage, values and traditions for community and prosperity.

Sponsor A Child
When you decide to sponsor a child, you'll get'.
An opportunity of a lifetime to form a lasting bond and friendship with a child in a poor community
'Regular email updates and reports on the life of a child
 Regular letter from the child
The chance to change someone's life for the better, immediately and directly!
And the child will get'
Needed school materials and books
School uniform
Regular visit to the doctor and supplemental health program
Nutritional needs (vitamins, milk, rice, snacks, etc)
After school tutoring and education program
Organized activities