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Find information about English language teaching situation in the Philippines and learn about kinds of English teaching opportunities there.
Teaching Positions
Teaching English in the Philippines has become more well-liked in the recently. Many ESL schools appeared in Manila, Cebu and Davao. The fact that the Philippines use English language as its official language and medium of teaching in schools and it has expanded reputation amongst other Asian countries like Korea and Japan who are the major clients of English courses in the country right now.

teaching_positionsEnglish language teaching in the Philippines has been extremely relevant since the Americans came to the country. The majority of reference books in Philippine schools were written in English. Major subject areas such as Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are being taught in English but the majority of Filipinos have English as their second language not their first. It is reasonable to say that teachers of these subjects should be at the same time ESL teachers, knowing the principles of ESL teaching. Unluckily, that is not happening.

Philippines’ schools have a need of highly qualified English language teaching that can help to improve the quality of English as Second Language (ESL) learning and teaching in the Philippines and in other parts of the world. They should be equipped with validated teaching standards that have been proven efficient throughout the years.

It is thought that teaching English in the Philippines happen in the rural areas. Possibly it is true at some point where volunteer jobs are. The majority of the commercial ESL courses proposed by international schools and private organizations are in the major cities. Foreign teachers will not simply have a job but an experience of the lifestyle, culture and heritage of the Filipinos.   Thus, it is no need to worry about the first-world luxuries since in these major cities are great places to hang out, watch movie, go shopping and an exciting night life. Filipinos are of course accommodating and hospitable to the degree that they will exert an extra mile just to take you to places within the city or even invite you to their homes and sing with the most popular past time of the country. You will notice that out of the occasional visits to their homes you get an extended family in a foreign country like the Philippines.

One more thing, teaching English in the Philippines shockingly is dissimilar. Filipino schools cater to foreign students capitalizing on the Filipinos' competence of the English language.