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flag_philippinesThe children in the Philippines begin learning English in grade one, so it's not a surprise that most of the population can speak and understand English. It’s very important for children to be taught by English language native speaker.

The volunteers are placed in rural elementary schools an hour outside of Tacloban City to assist the local teachers with their English classes and other subjects. The volunteers know much about li8ving in rural areas and they will preserve what is called community.

You can teach not formal classes in Tacloban as an alternative way of teaching to the one in rural areas. These classes work with out of school youth, and unemployed adults interested in learning the basic subjects taught in public school, as well as skills training. International volunteers can set the example for youngsters and problem teens. The non-formal education sector lacks the teachers they need to conduct regular classes for these students who have previously dropped out of school and are looking to continue their education.
All volunteers can organize and schedule classes daily and really have a profound effect on these student's lives. You should have teaching experience or TEFL certificate, but it is not a must. Volunteer for the Visayans is dedicated to promoting international education about the people and culture of the Philippines, as well as the economic hardships they deal with everyday, through volunteerism and cultural immersion. Simultaneously, volunteer for the Visayans is willing to provide support services to foreign communities by involving local volunteers.

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Country Information
Here you will find all the fundamental information about the Republic of the Philippines in order to be prepared for the life in this country in case of deciding to teach English there.
Teaching Positions
Find information about English language teaching situation in the Philippines and learn about kinds of English teaching opportunities there.
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Consider information about language volunteer programs for English teachers in Philippines, find best options, learn about costs and wages.