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Get to know more fundamental information concerning English teaching in Morocco. Do some planning to get a successful English teaching experience in this country.
Teaching Opportunities
morocco_studentsEnglish is the third language in the system of education in Morocco, after Arabic and French, and is taught to students from the age of ten. These days with increasing opportunities for work in tourism, business and higher education, Moroccans are eager to expand their language skills. They hear French frequently on TV and in songs but they have almost no experience to spoken English – which is where you come in.

The conservative, grammar-based English program has lately been renovated to concentrate on communication skills and topical issues. Moroccan teachers are slowly adapting to this new approach. By bringing interest and originality to the classroom, and sharing your own experiences of teaching and learning, you can in fact help to stimulate and encourage students and to make the new system work.  

Local teachers also take advantage from the opportunity to practice their spoken English and refresh their grammar, as many have spent little or no time in English-speaking countries. There are possibilities in some schools for volunteers to become involved in extra-curricular English Clubs and drama groups. Children from mostly Arabic-speaking households still lack self-assurance and accurateness in expressing themselves and can actually take advantage from some additional support.

A successful English teaching experience in Morocco requires some planning, ideal timing and good luck. Employers usually look for native speakers with a college degree. Wages for teaching English in Morocco vary from 9-15 USD per hour.

Public schools in Morocco are in desperate need for English teachers. The demand for English-speaking teachers is very high due to its growing tourism industry. Teaching English in Morocco is ideal for the individual wishing to enlarge their personal horizons in addition to those not afraid to learn how to cope with new foreign circumstances at the same time as at the same time taking tmoroccohe initiative. The teaching-English-in-Morocco project is extremely challenging. Though, Global Crossroad’s knowledgeable staff will provide participants with appropriate orientation and teaching materials – together with a textbook for the class. Participants are confident to discover the wonders of Africa while simultaneously contributing to this developing society by teaching English in Morocco.