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Check out the following information about Moroccan Association of teachers of English providing support for professional development of English language teachers in Morocco.
Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE) gives support for professional advancement of English language teachers in Morocco. The association supports its members in different ways:
• Organization of a number of ELT seminars, workshops and summer schools;
• Participation of British Council professionals and experts in MATE national events through workshops and presentations;
• Enabling MATE members to participate in international ELT events and conferences;
• Assistance for newly qualified teachers through the provision of a wealth of ELT materials and resources
• Provision of free places on British Council Teaching training courses.
What is MATE
It is a non-profit organization that gathers a lot of English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals from Morocco and elsewhere. It runs national, regional, and international conferences and colloquia. It also runs various events and in-service training programs all over Morocco. It is recognized in the region as a leader in teacher association.

• contribute to the improvement of the teaching of English in Morocco
• encourage contacts among teachers in Morocco on the one hand, and between these teachers and teachers of English in other countries on the other hand
• encourage research in the field of teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in Morocco

• organize seminars and conferences on the teaching of English in Morocco,
• participate in international conferences and in publications on the teaching of English,
• organize visits or courses in English-speaking countries for the benefit of teachers of English in Morocco,
• gather and circulate information on the teaching of English as a foreign language.

You may also join MATE and become part of their mailing group to take advantage from all these learning opportunities.