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morocco_flagWhile Morocco is a country where Arabic and French dominate, English increasingly becomes the international language of communication frequently between people who are more than probable to be non-native speakers. Many countries are looking for the easiest and quickest way of English learning. The most well liked way to do this is with the help of a native speaker. Ten American Language Centers in all the main cities employ numerous native speakers – some as a part of Visiting Teachers Program.

The Moroccan Ministry of Labor specifies that all foreign teachers have a university degree to qualify for a work permit that should be obtained after arrival. Despite the fact that knowing French is not an official requirement, it is a great advantage for any person planning to teach English in Morocco. The hourly rate of pay is between $10 and $14.

 Today English is a well-liked major in Morocco since it proposes some small hope of getting a job in what is otherwise a bleak employment picture for university graduates, so English classes are regularly overcrowded.

Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to discover Arabic and Islamic culture in Morocco. Look through the valuable information concerning English teaching as a foreign language in this country.
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