Teach English Abroad   Useful Tips

Consider advice and useful tips concerning living and working in Mexico as a English language teacher.
Useful Tips
What is best about teaching in Mexico is that you can be your own boss.  Your schedule is up to you to decide how long you want to work. The majority of teachers work from Monday till Thursday and have Friday as a day off. Such schedule allows you to spend more time for your personal needs, to travel somewhere or see interesting places of the country.  For the adventuresome, private silent places, for those who like cultural development, there are pyramids, museums, and theaters and what is most great you have an opportunity to lie on the beach all the time of the year.

The bus system of Mexico is one of the best transportation systems in America. It’s quite popular kind of transport.  It is quite cheap but comfortable. A trip from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta costs only US$15 and you'll be traveling first-class. The seats are comfortable.  Moreover, you will have an opportunity to even to watch TV in the bus. Some of them have air conditioners. The film is shown in English with Spanish subtitles. There are a lot of lines and companies of bus connection that you may consider.
Housework is not a problem when you are in Mexico. Apartment cleaning and laundry is quite cheap if you hire a maid. If you're extremely busy, your maid can do cooking as well. It will cost a little extra, but could be worth those delicious home-cooked meals. If you're renting a house, hire a gardener.  

It’s so nice to come home and see that the housework is done, very clean there and everything is fine.  So if you want to spend time and want to get good paid while taking a break from your usual routine life, it can be a great opportunity to consider taking. It's truly an experience that will change your life forever.