Teach English Abroad   Finding a Job

Learn about what types of educational establishments and private companies are to hire English teachers who come to Mexico.
Finding a Job

Teachers who are to teach in Mexico should not think about being employed before they arrive.  Although in other countries you can often find a job before you head over, here, in Mexico the story is rather different. Before the leave you need to do a lot of search among various job offers, that you may finds via the internet or in the papers and then get ready to interview once you arrive in Mexico.

The majority of English teachers in Mexico are hired by educational establishments, i.e. schools. Beginning from the elementary school and on up to the university lecture halls the English is being to young Mexican students, and the need for native English language speaker is always urgent. However, you do have other options. A number of companies can hire an English language teacher in order to raise the communicational level of English of the stuff. English classes are hold by a number of private institutions, which any citizen can attend.

Find what type of teaching is better for you. The search can be about the particular job area. Mexico City and in other big cities is easier to find f job place. The amount of salary is also bigger in large cities of the country; accommodation is suitable and favorable here.

To search a job position in Mexico is quite a time consuming procedure, but if you do it correctly, you will benefit out of it. There exist a lot of places, but to get to know whether they are reliable or not, if there are any real bonuses or no, you must visit that place and check everything by yourself.  

 All that must be done before signing any contract. So, when you arrive be prepared to do a lot of walking to find out about the job offer.

It is quite like a new challenge to teach English in Mexico, of course you will come across some kind of obstacles. If you can find yourself a good job, if you have a sense of adventure and aren't afraid of some new experiences, not afraid to risk and win, it can be an amazing time. The only advice is just to be ready for new country, new people and new customs.