Teach English Abroad   Employment

Here you will find information about demand for English language teachers and job opportunities in Mexico.
Presently, there's a great demand for English teachers in Mexico. Jobs are plentiful. Many Mexicans receive higher salaries if they speak English. For example a worker who can speak fluent English can get up to 1000 pesos a month of an extra pay if he or she is fluent in English. A lot of American companies have wide branches in Mexico, that’s why the demand for qualified English speaking personnel is rather high. The employees are Mexican and need to speak with their American counterparts. It’s also so that the majority of Mexicans think that the person who speaks English will go higher forward in his or her job position.

The main part of Mexicans learns English grammar and basic word stock at schools. But they actually lack communicational practice. This statistics is for classrooms that can boast good attendance.  Students may be competing with 30 or more students for their chance to speak. On finishing schools and some other educational establishments Mexicans turn out to be quite awkward in speaking English.

If you are hired as a teacher or a private tutor you are expected to teach a person how to communicate well. You will be enriching student’s vocabulary. Mexicans prefer hiring a native English speaker because of the need to pronounce words correctly. That’s why you need to be very skilful in the art of conversation.

 Mexicans look for teachers of English from America who is friendly and lively. They look for attractive in professional meaning teachers.  It's a bonus when your student can practice conversation and learn something interesting simultaneously. In Mexico it’s not obligatory to show a lot of references and other papers but you should have a good command of the English language. You don’t need to have good command of Spanish; you will be easily understood in English.  Sometimes it’s even better not to speak and not to understand. In that case your student will speak English only. If you appear to know Spanish, keep out to use it in teaching process. Some of the most successful language schools in the world insist that only the language being taught is spoken. 

It’s quite enjoyable to teach English in Mexico. It may be even a kind of fun! Everything depends on your attitude to it. In the class you can use teaching and rule games in order to develop communicational skills of the students.  Learning another language can be intimidating and frustrating. But, if you make the experience a positive one, your students will both enjoy and learn a lot of useful information. Text books are necessary, but can become monotonous. Therefore, it's important to be creative and look at alternative ways of teaching.

People in Mexico are friendly and sociable. And soon you may find your students to be your friends. They will willingly show you their country and their customs. Mexicans will invite you to different celebrations and parties. It’s a bad taste to refuse or reject these invitations. 
Your students and you have a good opportunity to learn the native tongue of each other, and you can learn it quite free of charge. You will take pleasure while talking to your students and teaching at the same time. Many teachers return to Mexico again and again to see their former students.