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Find best wages for foreign teachers in Korea. Look through the job offers of different employers in order to choose the best variants for you.

flag_koreaIf you are determined to teach English in a foreign country, pay particular attention to Korea. The good news is that now English teachers demand in the country rises. This gives you an excellent chance of finding a job, as well as a higher salary than you could expect in other countries.

But you should remember that teach English in Korea is not such an easy task as you may suppose. It will be a challenge, and you should be prepared for a complete immersion in a world that's very different from your own. On the other hand, it could very well turn out to be the best experience of your life.

It’s required to have a college degree in any field of studies to be illegible to teach in Korea. Those with language-related degrees may have a slight advantage when it comes to finding a job, but technically your field of study is not an issue.

Its is required the teachers in schools to be from such countries as  USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. If you are a citizen of some other state, you are doubtfully to get a working visa as an English teacher in Korea.

A certificate that allows you to teach English as a second language is an advantage but not the only mean to get the position. You may get a certificate just for your personal need, especially if haven’t practiced as a teacher before. But it’s not the only thing that will bring to success. Remember about it.

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