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flag_japanDuring a short vacation is not enough time to notice, let alone understand, the whys, hows, and what-fors that make Japan such a vibrant, changing culture. But there are some positive things. It is the range on job market is high and you always have time to go and see the country. You can even meet financial responsibilities back home with a decent pay package.

It’s a great challenge to teach English in Japan. In Japanese high schools and universities, a second language is a must - and English is the single most taught language in the country. As Japan culture and business integrate world greatly, the skill of speaking English is becoming vitally important to the Japanese people.

If you are determined to teach English in Japan, you have good chances to get in love with the country, a passion for language, and a major sense of independence. Of course not everything is so easy as it may seem and you need to apply a lot of efforts first.

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