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Learn about getting work permit in Italy. Find why it is difficult to get it, consider schools and other employment organizations for working in Italy.
Work Permits
Red tape is most daunting in Italy, and work permits are virtually impossible for non-E.U. citizens to obtain. There is a pronounced bias towards hiring Britons as indicated by the names of the main language school chains, the British Schools Group, British Colleges, British Institutes, Oxford Schools. Yet there are also those willing to hire qualified Americans, such as the Interlingue School of Languages in Rome (http://www.interlingue-it.com/, Via E. Q. Visconti 20, 00193 Rome; 011-39-06-321 5740).

 Yet enrollment in English language schools continues to increase at a dramatic rate among ordinary Italians, and there will always be schools that choose not to comply with the very strict labor regulations. Even if you not very much qualified, you may consider Milan as one of the best teaching places. Unlike other urbanized areas, Milan is the city where people are more likely to learn English. Small towns in Sicily and Sardinia, in the Dolomites, and along the Adriatic all have more than their fair share of private language schools and institutes. As in Spain, a number of organizations run language summer camps, among them ACLE Summer & City Camps, Via Roma 54, 18038 San Remo; tel./fax 011-39-0184 506070; web.acle.org.

Short training course for summer counselors may cost them approximately 150 euros, 170 -190 euros must be paid per week plus cost for accommodation. Summer counselors and language tutors aged 19-28 are recruited for Italian camps by the Canadian company Scotia Personnel Ltd.,

Italy has a complete range of language schools, as the heading Scuole di Lingue in any Yellow Pages will confirm; the Pagine Gialle can be consulted on
www.paginegialle.it. At the elite end of the market, there is a handful of schools (35 at present) which belong to AISLI, the Associazione Italiana Scuole di Lingua Inglese, administered from Via Campanella 16, 41100 Modena; http://www.eaquals.org/ linked to AISLI.

Another possibility is to set up as a freelance tutor, though knowledge of Italian is even more an asset here than knowledge of the local language elsewhere in Europe. You can send your advertisements to all educational establishments and organizations. If you try enough you will succeed.