Teach English Abroad   Laws Regulations

If you are looking for a great teaching location and love a fast paced life filled with networking and good food, why not give Italy a chance? Read about Italy laws regulations you need to know before deciding to find the teacher of English job there.
Laws Regulations
 If you are heading to Italy and you think you might want to teach English in Italy as a way to help cover costs, think once more. Ask yourself how much you care about Italy laws regulations. You see, throughout the European Union, labor laws have been identical to favor EU laborers, as well as those who teach English. For those who want to teach English, Italy requires a work permit (usually requested by the hiring school) or a visa particularly authorizing work (given before entry into Italy to those who can show that a job awaits them). That is the authorized way to do it. A lot of teachers teach illegitimately, as freelancers or just without a permit, running the risk of legal troubles over taxes, licensing, certification, and so on, and probably facing deportation.

The truth is that local authorities hardly ever harass an illegitimate teacher or the school that hires him or her. But some governments see illegal teaching as a loss of tax income and are eager to stop it and gather the taxes in addition to any other required contributions and fines.

You may teach English at the same time as studying overseas, even in Italy, officially and above board, by doing some important duty advance work. Correspond with schools, academies, colleges, or other potential employers. Impress them with your credentials. Tell them why you propose something that no one in the EU can offer. It would be useful to have a secondary discipline, like an MBA or other degree. It helps if it is all true, but at least it must be persuasive. Take the job proposition to the Italian Embassy or consulate nearest you where you may get a work permit for Italy. You may also search the Web for advice to teachers of English as a foreign language looking for work in Europe.

teach_english_in_italyIf you are from the EU, your chances of landing a teaching position in Italy are greater, but Americans can find a job too if they are persistent. The majority of the schools have a preference of British English, but there are those that will hire someone who speaks American English. Additionally there is a great chance for private classes in Italy as most business people understand that they need to speak English in order to advance their careers. Moreover, those professionals are at present enrolling their children in English classes to get ready them for their futures.