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What are the alternatives for EFL teachers in Israel, which of them are better and what to expect from teaching experience in this unique country? Learn more about the life and opportunities of teachers in Israel.
Teaching in Israel

The demand for teachers of English language in Israel has grown incredibly over the recent years. English language classes are among the most popular subjects taught in the educational institutions of all levels starting from the elementary on up. It is easier, however, to find the job in the areas with middle or high standards of living because of the fact that more children will potentially work in business international affairs sphere.

teachingSo if you decide to work as an EFL teacher in Israel, there is a number of opportunities for you:

1. You may work in some state school or university. In this way you will enjoy a fair payment and social benefits provided by these institutions.

2. You can work as a private tutor (usually teaching children speaking English). This may bring you less in income (the payment depends on the amount of pupils you can find and the social class they come from), but the working hours are more flexible and you can arrange your schedule the way it suits you.

3. The third alternative is teaching English to adults in Israel. Most of the big companies and firms have to deal with the Western partners/sponsors or the like, and they need a person who will help educate the staff. You may be hired on a regular basis or as a consultant, the people you will teach may be divided into groups or you may have to deal with separate individuals.

What to expect

Do not expect earning a fortune teaching English in Israel, since here you will be paid less than in some other countries (for instance, Japan or Korea). However, you will have plenty of opportunities to participate in all kinds of certificate programs, conferences and workshops. You should certainly take advantage of such occasions, since it will improve both your skills as a teacher and your confidence as a professional in your sphere. This will also give a chance to meet a lot of people that share your interests.

When hired by a school or a university, you can take advantage of housing they offer. It is recommended to do especially in big cities, where renting an apartment is quite expensive and not always very easy. Paid vacation and holidays is another privilege you can experience, and it is for your won benefit that you can use it to explore the country and learn more about Israel’s rich history and colourful traditions.