Teach English Abroad   Israel

Israel is a historically rich country, which offers plenty of opportunities for native speakers to work as a teacher of EFL. Get to know more about country and the opportunities it offers to English teachers.

indexConsidering working abroad as a teacher of EFL? Then Israel may attract your attention as a potential work placement. Why? Located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea with Lebanon to the north, Jordan to the east, and Egypt to the south and west, the country offers plenty of opportunities for TEFL enthusiasts. There is an enormous rise is need for English speaking citizens, which occurred during the past several years. As a result, to find a job as a teacher of the English language has become easier than ever before.

There are, however, certain requirements one should consider if wanting to find a proper teaching job in Israel. The requirements comprise both college degree and TEFL certifications earned either in native land or in Israel.

However, before embarking on an adventurous travel to Israel, there is important and helpful information you should know, so that your visit doesn’t turn into disappointment and embarrassment but brings fruitful results.

Country Information
Get to know main facts about Israel, its geographical and climate peculiarities, peopel, government and economy.
Getting Certified
Get to know what kinds of qualifications and certificates you should possess in order to successfully find a job place as an EFL teacher in Israel.
Israel Statistics
Get acquainted with the most important statistic data about Israel, its population, geography, government, current state of economy, etc.
Israeli Educational System
The educational system of the State of Israel is rather complex with the compulsory education starting from the age of 5. Read about different branches of educational institutions and their peculiarities.
Teaching in Israel
What are the alternatives for EFL teachers in Israel, which of them are better and what to expect from teaching experience in this unique country? Learn more about the life and opportunities of teachers in Israel.