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If English is your native language and you wish to work with people of dissimilar interests, ages, and backgrounds, teaching English in India may be an option for you.
flag_indiaIndia is the seventh largest country in the world and the second most populous. India's sprawling cities propose an exclusive and unforgettable experience to TEFL teachers, one that you will never forget.

India is the third largest English speaking country in the world and the language is quickly becoming important to the business community. Demand for TEFL teachers is consequently relatively high but the market can be competitive. Choosing one of TEFL jobs in India will make finding work here easy and help you to get your foot in the door.

Nevertheless teaching of English in Indian schools is in a chaotic state these days. A high percentage of school graduates leave the school as ignorant of English usage. Many years of learning English leads most of schools goers nowhere. Though pupils are taught English for about six periods per week for six years they hardly know few words after the school leaving.  

English teaching opportunities for the native speakers are available in a variety of schools. So think about the chance to benefit Indian students immeasurably while burning on your heart unforgettable impressions of Indian life and culture.  
Country Information
If you are going to visit Republic of India in order to teach English there, do not forget to find out everything regarding this country.
The Standard of English Teaching
The condition of English Language Teaching in India is not at this time in a good state because of the numerous reasons. Get to know about the most obvious reasons resulting to the poor intelligence of English in India.
Volunteer Teaching
Enrich your India experience by joining one of numerous volunteer programs in India and working in amazing cities of this unique country.