Teach English Abroad   Hong Kong

Here you will find information about teaching English in Hong Kong, get practical advice how to work and spend free time during stay in Hong Kong.
flag_hongkongHong Kong is a big industrial city with a lot of people living and working there. Hong Kong is a good place not only to live but to earn money. So if you are keen on getting large life experiance and willing to feel the adventure spirit,  welcome to Hong Kong.

English is the official and business language of the country; it influences all spheres of people’s life. A lot of employees want to learn English in order to get higher position; many parents are willing their children learn English to be able to sent them teach abroad. The prevalence of English in Hong Kong makes the transition to living there easy. In fact, though this is not suggested, many expatriates in Hong Kong never learn to speak Cantonese because English is so widely spoken and understood.

In order not to lack behind, government has imposed a must for learning English in all educational establishments. There is not much native English speakers in Hong Kong, so it’s a best place for teaching English abroad.

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