Teach English Abroad   Ghana

Consider the opportunity to teach English in the beautiful coastal Ghana and experience the amazing hospitality this country is famed for.
flag_ghanaGhana is a developing country on the West Coast of Africa with a fascinating history, rich culture and friendly people. Ghana is nested in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea and is a land with miles and miles of sun-dappled beaches, the home of Ashanti, and the land of gold. Ghana offers the best travel experiences of Africa with its beautiful landscape, amazing species of flowers, lush green palm trees and many ethno-linguistic groups.

English is the national language of Ghana however Ghanaian children grow up generally exposed to their local tribal languages, for example Ga, Twi and Ewe. Nevertheless, in order to converse with fellow Ghanaians in education, business, and all official areas of life they must have a good command of English. 

 The demand of English is growing very high in Ghana like in any other developing countries in the world. The knowledge of English is supposed to be a key to good and high paying jobs. That is why this tendency has encouraged the young generation to learn and master speaking good English.
Country Information
If you are going to visit Republic of Ghana and teach English there, do not forget to find out everything regarding this country.
Volunteer Teaching
Do not miss a great opportunity to explore the great land of Ghana while working as a volunteer teacher of English for Ghanaian children and people.