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Check out all about working as an English teacher in Germany, learn useful tips concerning employment, housing, accreditation and certifications privision.

flag_germanyAre you interested in teaching English abroad? Do you want to teach English in Germany? If so, you may find the path ahead of you surprisingly easy!

Germany, with tight business connections to the Western world and a large amount of well-educated citizens and available universities, can always use English teachers. Native English speaking teachers are of great value here; particularly good positions get Americans and Englishmen. And unlike some other countries, where the red tape involved in getting a teaching job is almost too much to deal with, becoming a teacher in Germany is fairly straightforward and simple. You should not worry about obtaining a working visa, if you have been chosen you will be sponsored. All you really have to do is find a job... and even that is far from difficult.

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Country Information
Check out the following useful basic information concerning the Federal Republic of Germany in order to know more details about the country when making the decision to teach English there.
How to Start
Here you will find information about beginning to work in Germany as English teacher. Find best costs, wages and employment options.
Job Opportunities
Here you will find best schools, different organizations and job offers for English teachers in Germany.
Planning Tips
Have you thought about using your own language to make a living by working as a teacher of English in Germany? Do not know where to start? It is always possible to find freelance work with a little planning.
Learn about TEFL certificates needed to teach English in Germany, find best positions and get free job hints.
Useful Tips
Find useful advice about employment, what positions are available and what are the best wages for English teachers in Germany.