Teach English Abroad   The Teaching Assistant Program

Read about benefits, tasks, stipends, conbditions and practical timelines of the Teaching Assistant Program of French Embassy in the USA.
The Teaching Assistant Program

French ministry of education together with French Embassy in USA organized a program which allows US students to take part as teacher’s assistants in France. The program is available for US students who have or are about to complete their education and got a college degree.

 Additional condition is that the students must be between 20 and 34 years old and be fluent in French.

You will be working 12 hours a week at school in France. You will also get 750 euro per month to feed yourself. The only thing that is necessary is a teaching experience.

If you are finishing 3rd year of studies and very eager to go and experience in teaching English in France, consider this program as one of the best choices for your future career. The application process is competitive and elaborative, but quite possible as 1,700 positions each study year are offered.  A lot of companies would help you in preparing all the necessary documents. First deadline is December 1. For more info you can visit a number of related web sites. 

French Embassy and Education Ministry can offer a position of teacher assistant in primary, secondary and high educational level establishments in all regions of France. The number of vacancies is ranged from 1000 to 1700. So if you want to apply for, you should respond the following criteria:

1. You should be the citizen of USA. You must have spent your college years in USA;
2. Your age should be from 20 to 34 on the 1st of January 2007;
3. You have obtained or just getting the university degree;
4. You must be fluent in French. If your French proficiently is only basic your sill can apply. Even if you did not finish any courses, but lived in a French family it’s considered enough.

You will have a chance to:
1. to spend nearly half a year in France getting the monthly donations;
2. have a privileged insight into contemporary France;
3. to master the French language through linguistic immersion;
4. to get good working experience.

You are to teach English in classes for about 15 hours in a week.

Each month you will get about 900 euros. So after you have paid social security and insurance policies, you have about 752€ a month to live on. You may not defer social security and health care costs. The stipend provides enough money to live the life-style of a typical French student. Visit a number of related web sites to get more info about things you are interested into.

Practical Timeline:
1. Fall-Winter : the applicant makes his documents and sent them to the  French Embassy in Washington D.C. before the deadline.

2. The month of May: French Embassy will send the applicant a mail to Washington D.C. in which it will be informed about the enrollment. In the letter it will be informed what school district and what age group you will be enrolled into;

 3. July, August, September (next summer): you will receive the enrollment contract, which is going to specify the location in the academy of the applicant; than he or she should contact the school for more information. The next step is to go to the French Embassy in the USA to get a visa. 

4. Mid-September (2007): only after having taken the visa the assistant may leave for France.

5. October 1st (2007): the work actually begins for assistant.