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See information about the position of teachers asistant in France. Find all about terms, costs, wages and means of obtaining the position.
Work as a Teacher Assistant
Do you really want to take the position of teacher assistant in France? Why would you be willing to obtain it? Maybe it’s because it is one of the easiest jobs in France for which you don’t even need to be present actually in France! The French Ministry of Education, which recently started recruiting kindergarten through high school English assistants, considers that there is a big demand for English language teachers in France that’s why you should not be worry for obtaining a visa.

You need to have 2 letters of recommendation. Except for that you need to have your minor or major degree in French. It means you must be able to speak it! You also must be a U.S. citizen and be not older than 29 years old. The job does not require fluency in French.   

You will be there from October till April, while the contract is in power, with three 2-week breaks in between. During the breaks you will have a great opportunity to see the France, visit different sights and get experience to live in such a wonderful country. A lot of foreign newcomers have discovered a lot of interesting thing about the France, its culture and life of people.

Don’t expect that you will come and everything will be done just for you to make it come too easy. A lot of time may pass even to get to know whether you are accepted or not. You can apply in February and wait a lot of time, till June or even October. 

One more, the location of your school and your responsibilities are stated not by you, but by other people. The French Ministry of Education hires for schools through all the France, so you may be the part of somebody else choice.  Also, due to the English assistant is a new one position, there seems to be a lot of uncertainty about what the English assistant’s role is really turn out to be in school.

Don’t be too unrealistic to think that you will be at once given the chance to teach to students. The most of people said that they did so only under the eye of the teacher, and only in primary school. But there are cases, when you may get the whole class of students who you are totally responsible for.