Teach English Abroad   Freelancing

Check out freelancing in Europe as the kind oif private tutoring. Find organizations that provide freelancing services for foreing teachers.

A lot of North American and European teachers work as free-lances. It may be the form of private tutoring, when a teacher searches for people who are interested in his service via the Net all over the world. But there is even better way of free-lancing - through agencies that provide language teaching. Such teacher can work on short in term contract or get the pay per hour.

They are paid by the course or by the hour, but are not eligible for paid holidays or the other benefits of long-term employment. They must also worry about paying their own taxes plus they may have to pay compulsory contributions into a pension scheme (as in Germany) or to cover social security.

To teach without a contract is quite difficult for the beginning freelance tutor. He must be sure to get the benefit out of his working potential and knowledge.  It may be hard to earn a lot of money in short period of time because if the contract is not signed, pupils may cancel the studies. People who think they would be able to make their living out of newly found freelance work and use this money for a long time are wrong.

You need to be not only good teacher, but be good at marketing, advertise yourself in order to involve more clients, and all the means that seem appropriate to your circumstances have to be explored. Here are some tips to help you in self-advertising:

 - Put a notice up in schools and universities, supermarkets or corner shops, and run an advertisement in the local paper if you have the use of a telephone.
- Send neat notices to local public schools, announcing your willingness to ensure the children’s linguistic future.
- Compile a list of addresses of professionals (lawyers, architects, etc.) who may need English for their work and have the resources to pay for it. Then contact them.
- Call on export businesses, distribution companies, perhaps even travel agencies.
This advice would bring you closer to the finding of language learners.  If you are a good professional, soon you will be known, and your reputation will attract new clients to you, though the process can be slow.

Working for your own has disadvantages. Everyone, from lazy Greek teenagers to stressed Barcelona businessmen, cancels or postpones one-on-one lessons with irritating frequency. You can’t take too many clients because the existing ones pay you for being free in certain hours. It will take time to visit your students to work with them, so it’s quite an uneasy task.

If you also want to see the sights and get accustomed with the life in the place you are living, plus earn some money, exchanging conversation for board and lodging may be an appealing possibility. You can achieve it by placing advertisements in particular places. The American Church in Paris notice board is famous for this.