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Read about the essentials of the teaching job in Ecuador, how to get one, what to expect from it and how to benefit from the experience.
Teaching English in Ecuador

teaching-englishEcuador is a perfect place for EFL teachers who want to take the most from their life and teaching experience. The Ecuador’s main trading partner is the US; that is why most employers give preference to the workers with certain knowledge of English. Consequently, the demand for English teachers is quite high. Besides, the nature is unique and diverse with jungles and mountains, volcanoes and beaches. People are very friendly, and here one can get a nice opportunity to learn or improve Spanish.


Although at the Ecuadorian embassy it is said one needs to have a work visa in order to teach or work at any other place in Ecuador, in reality the things are quite different. To acquire a work visa, you need to secure job first, then sign a contract with the employer and only then apply for visa. In reality, most schools never sign any contracts in Ecuador, and it is much easier to find a place when you are already there, just contacting directly the employer and offering your services. Besides, most recruiters don’t bother asking you for work visa or permission. The easiest way to come to the country to teach is to come on a 90-day visit visa and prolong it for 3 more months for $2.

Requirements and Pay

Many schools don’t issue specific requirements but look at the desire to be a devoted teacher and a grammar test, which a candidate should take to check his/her language competency. However, if you possess a TEFL/TESOL or any other certificate of the qualified teacher of English, it will sure be beneficial for you. Some institutions and organizations even require relevant TEFL education. Moreover, previous experience is also highly valued. The only institution that require previous college education (plus a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience) is the British Council.

You should remember that salaries are quite low in Ecuador, but in comparison to the living costs, they are sufficient to provide one with all the necessary things and entertainment. In fact, Ecuador has one of the lowest food and living costs in Latin America. The pay for the teaching job varies from $3 per hour in private schools, which don’t require previous educational and working experience, to $7-$8 at colleges or institutions, which emphasize the necessity and importance of previous professional preparation. The salary will be enough to live and enjoy some of the opportunities Ecuador offers. If you want to save something or to live a more luxurious life, you might have to take more working hours.

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