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Study carefully the following fundamental information concerning teaching English in Costa Rica. Discover some useful tips how to find a good job and become a respectful teacher for Costa Rican students.
Preparing for Teaching
teaching_in_costa_ricaCompared with a lot of other countries in Central America Costa Rica proposes a lot of chances to natives and foreign comers alike. One of the things that Costa Ricans have most in common is their wish to learn the English.

You can find many institutions not merely in the capital San Jose but also in other areas of the country devoted to this reason. Some even propose their teachers an exchange program according to which you teach English at the same time as the institute responds and teaches you Spanish. In addition you can be a personal tutor and make a bit more money. The prices per class differ fairly. It depends on your experience and eventually on the income of the students themselves. If you make a decision to look for a teaching place there are few things that you should know:

1. Permit
A number of institutions require the permit while others do not. If you make a decision to stay, you will want to get your papers in action. You should find a good lawyer who will help you with this, or you can take care of this yourself. You should go to Immigration and ask for the information for a temporary permit. This comprises a copy and confirmation of your college diploma (translated into Spanish and certified), a letter from the company representing why they want to hire you over Costa Ricans, pictures, a copy of your passport, your criminal record, and so on. Since the permit takes a while, usually Immigration does not say anything as long as you are working legally. 

2. Finding a Job
It is not hard. The local paper La Nación typically has ads for teaching jobs in the classified sections. The best time to look for a place is at the beginning of the school year January-February. A lot of institutes have a need of teachers for the period of that time. Furthermore you can find jobs in The Tico Times, which can be viewed online. Networking with other foreigners is an outstanding way to find opportunities as well.

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