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Here you will find the job hints that will be useful for you while job searching. Learn also about pecularities of working and living in Costa Rica.
Job Search

You will find life in Costa Rica surprisingly easy and favorable if you make pre study of the country. The country is quite hospitable; people welcome foreigners, especially teachers of English. In Costa Rica, you can experience their own unique version of traditional Latino culture, dance to salsa music, and escape to tropical beaches.   

As in many other non – English speaking countries, here, in Costa Rica, good command of English is one of the best ways for people to get a higher working position.  This means that many people need to know English, and there are many ESL jobs available.
If you are considering teaching English in Costa Rica, here are a few tips that might help you along the way:

First of all, there are not many schools that will hire you from overseas. However, many will hire you on the spot if you walk into their office, speak English, have a college degree (in anything), and have an agreeable personality.

There appears another question. Should one head to Costa Rica to find a job? The most common answer is yes, if nothing extraordinary happens.  The fact is that not many Costa Rican schools will hire you from overseas- and, as stated above, the requirements placed upon you may be stricter if they do so. Everything can be possible so plan your trip to Costa Rica simply out of job search purpose.

What is good that is a lot of local schools and business organizations are ready to hire you straight after having interview with you in personal. The effort involved in traveling to Costa Rica for these interviews shows that you are dedicated to teaching English, and also gives you a chance to make a good impression and display your English skills on the spot.

Where should I begin my job search in Costa Rica?
The main question in this situation is “when”.  If you're interested in teaching English in Costa Rica, you should be familiar with the fact that the school year runs from January to December. Unfortunately the most of schools are not going to hire you in the middle of the year; on the other hand, the rotation in the period of winter holidays among the other teachers, who already or want to move to other positions will enable you to get one even in the beginning of December. The best time to begin your job search is the last few months of the year- October, November, and December.

 Keep in mind that if your preference is to teach somewhere other than a typical school or college, then the time of the year won't necessarily matter. A lot of companies in Costa Rica employ English teacher straight on the spot, without waiting the interview and even without proper certificates. If you're looking for this type of job, your best bet is to seek out connections wherever you can find them. Many papers in Costa Rica classified advertisements that offer information on available English teaching jobs.

No matter what type of job you choose or how you go about landing it, you're likely to fall in love with Costa Rica and it is considered a comfortable, laid-back country with wonderful weather and friendly people. During your free time you will be able to travel and learn about culture and life of local citizens. Teaching English in Costa Rica can be a true learning experience!