Teach English Abroad   Costa Rica

Look through useful tips for living and working in Costa Rica. Find best deestinations and housing, learn about wages for English teachers.

flag_costa_ricaIn Costa Rica if you want to have good career growth its necessary to have good command of English. As Costa Rica interacts more and more with the Western world in terms of business communication, knowing how to speak English is becoming a priority among businessmen and students. If you seek foe adventures and want to earn some money you are welcome at Costa Rica. 

 If you're interested in teaching English in Costa Rica, you can pretty much rest assured that you'll have an intriguing and enlightening experience. Our advice will help you during the job search in Costa Rica.  

To learn more about working in Costa Rica look through the following articles:

Certificates and Income
Learn about certifications that are required for English teachers, find infirmation what income you may be expecting while working in Costa Rica.
Country Information
Look through the comprehensive fundamental information about the Republic of Costa Rica in order to be prepared for the life in this country when deciding to teach English there.
Job Search
Here you will find the job hints that will be useful for you while job searching. Learn also about pecularities of working and living in Costa Rica.
Preparing for Teaching
Study carefully the following fundamental information concerning teaching English in Costa Rica. Discover some useful tips how to find a good job and become a respectful teacher for Costa Rican students.
Types of Schools and Qualifications
Read the next information whether its necessary for English to be certified, find more about types of schools where you can work in Costa Rica.