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Find your way to teaching English in Colombia and you will adjust to the near-perfect weather, the food, and the easy-going lifestyle together with great teaching experience.
flag_colombiaA lot of people decide to skip Colombia out of fear because of its bad reputation. Those who do are missing out on an unbelievable country. Regardless of what your interests are, Colombia has so much to propose: beautiful landscapes of mountains and beaches, indigenous cultures, ancient ruins hidden in the jungle, vibrant and friendly people, and the most eye-catching Spanish colonial city on earth.

From its Pre-Columbian times to the present Columbia has preserved lots of its customs and arts. The Spanish influence is found everywhere particularly in its capital city of Bogota. Its artisans create good-looking jewelry from the native Emeralds. You can find quality reproductions of Pre-Columbia artifacts in addition to locally made garments. You will enjoy everything here at the same time as teaching English to Columbian children. 
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