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Information about qualifications of teachers starting to work, employment in China and what can be experted you may find here.
Working Deals

What is important for you really is a college degree, fluent speech and basic writing tasks. Very often the TEFL certificate is required; however, China but doesn’t relate to this matter. Despite of this, it’s advisable to get the certificate. It'll put you far ahead of the pack.

Getting certified is not very complicated process. Many colleges and community schools offer month-long certification programs. If you want to teach in a foreign country, it's best to arm yourself with a certificate just in case the job hunt is a little more difficult than you had expected.

  If you have decided to teach English in China you should remember that at the very beginning you won’t have the greatest and speedy career you rely on. Nothing comes just out of the blue.  Many Chinese universities will only require you to teach 14-15 classroom hours a week; however, you will be expected to be available for office hours and you will be given some other kinds of responsibilities to execute.

Inquire about the terms of stay and work. Your salary may not be very impressive, most universities or companies may grant you with return tickets to China. Some institutions can give you accommodation, which will ease the apartment search and all the problems concerning this point.

If you have a master's degree or a doctorate, you may qualify to work as a Foreign Expert in a Chinese university. Foreign teachers in the rang of an Expert are better paid than those who have just the rang of Foreign teacher.

Teaching English in China is not just a job- it's a major commitment, so it’s important to think carefully before making your final decision! If you fond of Chinese culture; if teaching English is your passion; if you are not scary of new and challenging situations- then you've quite possibly found the right career field. In that case don’t miss your chance for a good career.