Teach English Abroad   Useful Tips

Consider tips about the stay, working conditions, and information about the vocation period during your work in China.
Useful Tips

A lot of foreigners have good experience teaching English in China; some number of them had problems during stay in this contradictive country. Some came because of promises of high salary and good facilities and working conditions, but later they found themselves in quite interesting situation when even did not have money to buy a ticket to return home.

Foreign embassies cannot act as a legal advisor or negotiate business or personal grievances on behalf of individual citizens. Foreigners for example who have encountered some problems may go to the US Embassy but there is no guarantee for that they will be legally helped.

  Foreigners considering teaching English in China should check that in their contracts it is mentioned the number of class hours, maximum workdays per week, and the length of vacation periods. Foreign teachers that come to China, often have encountered the problem when being employed in newly opened private secondary school, their employers didn’t keep to the conditions written in the contract, for example non-assist in getting a visa, or some other documents.

Those who really want to go to China should first of all consider some reference material from different recourses, for example ask for advice teachers who had already returned from this country, who have completed a contract teaching term and have returned to their home country.
Prospective teachers should never come to China without first receiving the proper "Z" or work visa from the Chinese Embassy. Because without it, they wont be able to stay and work in China.

A single teacher should not take for granted a promise by a school or organization to obtain the correct visa after their arrival. All information must be carefully checked. Health insurance provided by Chinese employers should be supplemented as described above.

Prospective teachers should always demand that they receive a contract straight from their employer rather than from an agent or intermediary. These agents are not to be good during the job negotiations.  Try to make any deals without any intermediary. To date, courts and police in many jurisdictions have refused to intervene in these cases on behalf of foreign teachers.