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To know the aspects of Chinese life and customs, some facts from its history and to find put why actually to come to teach to China, visit this category.
Living in China

The answers can be various according to there are many people who had been to China for the purpose of teaching English there. For some of teachers it’s just a year long break after which they return for their ordinary job at home country. For others it’s a way of staying in an interesting state with its peculiarities and culture. For a few, it starts as the first and ends up as the second.
Despite of what your interest is, the culture of China will influence you greatly, so if are considering this trip as not only job but also a kind of entertainment, you might be satisfied. Soon much more visits to the Dragon country is expected.
The country offers a lot of opportunities not only for understanding the state, but to understand and find yourself.  All you need is the right attitude.
The population of China is of 1.28 billion in a 9.59 million sq km area. The country is great. It’s not possible to see all the landscape and every corner of the country, too big it is, so you might want to focus on one area. We can advise you just to rush into it, and see what it will lead you to.
Life in China is that of what you make by yourself.

Though tastes differ, and every teacher may like various activities, entertainment and growth are large enough to satisfy any adventurer. Commonly, foreign teachers plan outings with their co-workers or students during their vacation periods or days off. Mutual time spending accelerates the acclimatization of all newcomers.

The more you involve yourself in out of teaching activities, the more enjoyable your experience will be. Make your goals lie not only on making a good career during the stay  in China, though its very important, but try yourself also in some other activities, which can bring you new friends and improve  your communicational skills and widen your mind. 

China always had been a leading power, arts and sciences being the major and most proliferating activities in which it had outpaced o0ther countries of the rest of the world. Though, in 19 and 20the centuries, China had to overcome a lot of inner troubles, major famines, military defeats, and foreign occupation.

After World War II, the Communists under Mao Zedong established a dictatorship that, while ensuring China's sovereignty, had imposed very tough and cruel rules depriving a lot of free citizens of independent rights. In 1978, the market orientated reforms and decentralized economic decision-making were made. Output quadrupled by 2000. Though economic control is diminished the political remains quite tough.