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Here you will find useful practical advice on how to find a position of English language teacher in China, get recommendations about obtaining other positions.
Job Search
1. Begin with getting acquainted with the culture of China. The whole school term is the least period that you will have to spend in China, so try to get to know more about your future place of living and your future employer.

2. Get to know about school system and state the level what you are going to teach. From the grade school up to the university level English is taught to Chinese people. A lot of businessmen also look for a teacher to teach their corporate workers or you may be interested in teaching conversational skills to adults in general.

  Contact one of the people at the school responsible for hiring foreign teachers. No other individual, no matter how important or friendly they seem, is likely to have the authority to hire. So who is the right person?

Individual academic departments--usually foreign languages or English--hire their own foreign teachers, so the right person is usually the chair or vice-chair of that department. The foreign affairs office is often useless for getting job offers. However, larger universities might have other departments which need teachers, and you won't find out about them unless you ask someone.

One way to get in touch with the right person is to be in China while you're looking. Bring application materials with you. But keep in mind that if you do line up a job as a student or tourist you will probably have to leave the country or go to Hong Kong to get your visa changed.

3. Make the necessary contacts. You can do it with the help of international phone calls. The internet will be an important tool at this point. Contact schools, universities, businesses and job boards to state what jobs can be taken by you. Once you’ve selected some companies that you want to apply a job for, follow their guidelines for the application process. Don’t be puzzled to discover that the required position may be already occupied; the number of people wishing to get a job is rising.

4. Keep in touch with your college. A lot of universities have contacts and contracts with Chinese institutions; these programs allow you to teach English in China while a Chinese teacher visits your school.  The organization where you get your ESL certification will also most likely have a job placement assistance program. So consider teachers exchange programs first, and if nothing have been found that search for information yourself.