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Learn about popular destinations, required qualifications, traditions of Chinese people, working conditions and necessary documentation for an English language teacher or a tutor.

flag_chinaThere is a big demand for English language teachers all over the world. The development of business and international relations makes people search for contacts, and as the majority of later are in English, the need for English language teachers is increasing.

Here, in China, teachers of English can get more experience that elsewhere while enjoying interesting cultural and sightseeing activities. If you are interested in teaching overseas, you might want to consider China.

If you want to teach English in China, you have found quite a challenging task. A lot of students have chosen China for work and study, but the need for English speaking teachers is great even nowadays.
For those who want teach English in China there are few hints to know, there are a few basics you should know before beginning a job search.

Here is the list of other important articles about life and work in China:

About the Country
To learn about economical and ideological development, see industry and agricultural progress, and be aware of enviromental and polution problems of China, visit the following catefgory.
Job Search
Here you will find useful practical advice on how to find a position of English language teacher in China, get recommendations about obtaining other positions.
Living in China
To know the aspects of Chinese life and customs, some facts from its history and to find put why actually to come to teach to China, visit this category.
Useful Tips
Consider tips about the stay, working conditions, and information about the vocation period during your work in China.
Working Deals
Information about qualifications of teachers starting to work, employment in China and what can be experted you may find here.