Teach English Abroad   Visa Matters

Here you will find all necessary information about applying, preparing, and obtaining the working and students visa to be able to live and work in Brazil.
Visa Matters

This is where the information can get a little sketchy, and keep in mind we're not advocating one course of action over another. The truth is, getting a work visa for teaching English in Brazil is going to be very, very difficult.

A lot of Brazilian schools which welcome English teacher are not able to pay for the teachers visas to get a work visa you must find a sponsor employer. The process may be very expressive and quite complicated, and may companies will think to do this paper job for you or not.
So if want to stay in Brazil and continue teach English for an extended period of time, you must find the employer who is going to sponsor you. What is bad is that you will have to pay for the whole process for yourself.  This is something that you should actively research and discuss with your employer if you're interested in pursuing a work visa.

  Many still wonder how are teachers of English still work in Brazil with such a difficult visa situation. But everything is very easy. Moist of the teachers simply work on a travel visas. Technically, it is not legal for a foreigner to work on a tourist visa; however, chances are very slim that you will ever get into trouble for doing it.

It’s very simple to get a tourist visa; the application is only needed to pass through the Brazilian Consulate and passport of course and a number of other important documents. Such visas are illegible for about 3 months, which means if you are working in Brazil you will have to renew your visa at a Brazilian police office every three months. It is also prohibited to stay more than 6 month in the country every year. 

You can try to obtain a tourist visa remade for a working one, provided you can find a sponsor. You can start from making a tourist visa, get comfortable with your employers, and then raise the question of making a work visa after they have decided they want to keep you. Only on this stage they may begin to sponsor you.

Maybe you made different conclusions, but the truth is that teaching English in Brazil isn't as complicated as it may look first. The market for English teachers in Brazil is quite big, so big demand makes substantial possibility that you'll be able to find the right job here. With thousands of English teachers needed all over the country, Brazilians are more willing to help in finding an employment. If you want some lifetime experience, good career and a lot of impressions, visit and work at Brazil.