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This category contains useful information about finding best jobs for teachers of English in Brazil.
Job Search
It is always possible to arrange the future job beforehand.  A lot of positions you can find on different web site that offer the relative information; the job offers can be like from private companies and from schools predominantly if you want to work and live in São Paulo, the cultural centre of Brazil and a world city with restaurants, entertainment, and shopping to rival major cities anywhere, you should examine the web site of a newspaper of São Paulo newspaper O Estado de São Paulo.  Search for key words such as “English teacher in Sao Paolo” etc.  if you are able to teach some computer course, you can be employed by numerous computer schools.  The primary knowledge of local Portuguese language may be useful for you.

  You will undoubtedly have more luck if you research where you want to go in Brazil first, then contact schools in that area directly instead of waiting for ads to appear on worldwide web sites.  This way, you stand out as a proactive teacher with some knowledge and a particular interest in that place—a good first impression.

Hided tactic can be illegal, and hence persecuted by the law.  It can be quite risky, and some schools according to their desire or acting as a rival in competition with other schools can report to police.  For the most part, you will not be taken advantage of by the school since you will be an asset to it in attracting business.  Finding the job may be very complicated and time consuming enterprise, bu8t if you succeed in it at the pre-start level, before coming to the country, thing would seem to be easier for you.

Nothing irks Brazilians more than to be lumped together with Spanish America; indeed, the Spanish had a completely different colonial experience from the Portuguese (as in killing the natives instead of marrying them).  Do your homework:  as in any country, the more you know about it before you arrive, the more warmly you will be received, the easier will be your assimilation, and the more help you will be offered.

Unfortunately, the number of online recourses where you can learn about finding a job in Brazil is not great.  Be aware of a lot of establishments that offer too many after you have finished their courses, or other suspicious offers.