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Here you will read useful information about teaching English in Brazil, find popular destinations and best job possibilities, wages and housing offers in Brazil.

flag_brazilBrazil is the biggest country in South America continents, so it has a lot of business enterprises, educational establishment that need foreign English teachers. Their geographical position not far from the United States, as well as their trade agreement with North America, makes speaking English quite important thing for those who live and work in Brazil. Brazilian students are taught English at all levels, from childhood on up. A lot of Brazilian companies will hire a foreign teacher or a tutor to teach their employees English which is necessary for the job purpose.
So you can see, that the numerous companies, enterprises and establishments make it possible for an English teacher to find good job in Brazil. Teaching English in Brazil is a unique and enriching experience that anyone who wishes to travel should consider.

Brazil is one of the most interpreting countries which won’t leave impartial any of the teachers who come to this place.  There a lot of positive moments of staying in the country: sandy beaches with a lot of beautiful men and women, warm sea, and the scenery is breathtaking.  The negative things are as follows:  poverty is rife, urban pollution is serious, and the crime rate is bad and soaring.

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