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Travel to Bangladesh as a volunteer teacher of English and get to know what this country and its people are all about.
Volunteer Teaching
bangladesh_studentThe literacy rate in Bangladesh is very low, with important difference between female and male literacy rates. On the other hand, the literacy rates have been going up with the beginning of Universal Primary Education program. The education system is broken down into 4 levels:
- primary (from grades 1 to 5),
- secondary (from grades 6 to 10),
- higher secondary from (grades 11 to 12),
- tertiary.

An assortment of volunteer outreach organizations perform more than 1000 service projects yearly, completing jobs that range from environmental; construction; renovation; archaeology; agriculture; working with children or youth; social work; working with people with special needs; arts and culture; festival work; and teaching including English language teaching.

For the volunteer with little or no experience, teaching English may be the most satisfying route to take. In general, volunteers are placed in local schools to teach conversational English and reading classes to children living in inner cities and in rural areas as well. The purpose of the majority of volunteer organizations is to make certain that the children of Bangladesh are able to advance their practical written and verbal English abilities. In Bangladesh, similar to a lot of other countries in the world, English is becoming a necessary skill when it comes to job placement, educational development, and future success. You are not required to have formal teaching qualifications to volunteer. What you do need is a good command of written and spoken English, in addition to a lot of enthusiasm and patience.

Working as a volunteer teacher you will get valuable teaching experience in addition to discovering different cultures, ideas and beliefs and share your own as well. It is a great opportunity to work together with local people in local communities, therefore gaining a real insight into their country, cultures and traditions; to learn new abilities and widen your horizons; to meet new people and discover new places.
Characteristically, volunteer organizations provide room and board, while the volunteer picks up the tab for travel and visa. Check out Bangladesh.com for the link to the Department of Tourism in addition to links to volunteer organizations in Bangladesh.

Teaching experience in Bangladesh will be one that you remember long after your return home.