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Find information about accreditation, employment and salary amount in Bangladesh. Get to know more about accommodation, transport system and communicational peculiarities while staying in Bangladesh as an English teacher.
flag_bangladeshBangladesh is a small nation in South Asia, bounded by India on all three sides that are east, north and west. This country is considered to be a monolingual country in which more than 98% of the population is speakers of Bangla language.

On the other hand, there are more than ten languages in such a small country like Bangladesh. The status of English is a very interesting one in this country as English is the second language of the country and in business and education this language is more important than Bangla.

 The students in Bangladesh  have to study English for twelve years and those who want to join civil service by attending BCS exam also have to sit for English examination. On the other hand no one speaks in English in Bangladesh.
Country Information
Look through the comprehensive essential information concerning the Republic of Bangladesh in order to be prepared for the life in this country when deciding to teach English there.
Learning English Orientations
Analyze and determine the various socio-psychological orientations of the students of Bangladesh towards learning English with the help of the following details.
Volunteer Teaching
Travel to Bangladesh as a volunteer teacher of English and get to know what this country and its people are all about.