Teach English Abroad   Austria

If English is your native language and you wish to work with people of dissimilar interests, ages, and backgrounds, teaching English in Austria may be an option for you.
flag_austriaAustria is an admirable place to work what with high pay and clean air, beautiful countryside and friendly people. Austria is full of rich cultural offerings and traditions. A lot of them left over from the time when Vienna was the seat of a powerful empire. Today Austria seems to mix together a kind of Italian romanticism with a Germanic love for order.

Austria is reported to be one of the safest countries in all of Europe because of the very low crime rate. Austrian people are very friendly. On the other hand a lot of them do not wish to speak English.  

 Think about a wonderful opportunity to teach English in Austria to get a feel of all the hospitality of this beautiful country.
Country Information
If you are going to visit Austria and teach English there, keep in mind to find out everything relating to this country.
Work Requirements
Check out all the useful information concerning working conditions together with work permits, in Austria that are required to teach English in this country.