Teach English Abroad   Angola

If you are dreaming to delight your eyes with all the wonders of Africa, love teaching and wish to enlarge your experience you should certainly visit Angola for the English teaching purpose.
flag_angolaAfter more than 40 years of independence, African nations still struggle to maintain economic as well as educational development. Today, at least 41 million African children are out of school. In Angola alone, 2 million children have no opportunity to attend a school.

Training adults in English is a priority in Angola and other African countries where the lingua franca is Portuguese and French. The English learning is certainly an expensive endeavour as English teaching materials are strongly protected by copyright and consequently hard to buy on a mass scale.
That is why teaching in Angola is individually rewarding and fulfilling. To work in Angola it is for individual growth and experience. There is a lot of work in this country and the necessity for teachers as well. So you will not have a problem getting work in one of the childhood development centre, high school, university, training college or polytechnic. If you love teaching children you should certainly try this as Angolans are lively and enthusiastic.
Country Information
Look through the comprehensive fundamental information about the Republic of Angola in order to be prepared for the life in this country when deciding to teach English there.
Teachers Needed
Would like to teach English to African students in Angola? Before you do, be sure to find out what the Angola looks like and what are the teaching opportunities there.