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Education system in Algeria is not currently in a good state because of the numerous reasons. Get to know about the most vivid reasons resulting to the deterioration of education in Algeria.
State of Education
Since the late 1980s, each sector of Algerian society has been affected by a deep and continuing crisis of violence. This crisis has touched all aspects of life. It is the most serious problem impacting Algerian education these days. The violence has damaged educational progress on every front.

Education in Algeria is confused by the civil war. Beyond the human and physical damage is the damage caused by the restrictive direction the Islamists seek to impose. The isolationist approach, evidenced by the violent resistance to all foreign ideas and influences, operates to cripple educational progress.

Literacy rates are still low, but literacy attempts appear to be working and necessary to be continued as a priority. There are most important problems of educational quality and quantity that should be addressed. Better funding is part of the prospective education improvement. But the problems of unproductive pedagogy, lack of coherence between educational levels, and lack of linkages to the work world and to the users of the system still remain. Rigid bureaucracy is reacting slowly and out of touch with the realities of the work world. It is required to upgrade teachers’ training with models of better pedagogic techniques throughout in-service training, distance learning, and improved teaching materials and equipment.
Algeria Eurocentric education system is now replaced with an Arabic/African curriculum. French is replaced with Arabic as the medium of instruction. Not everyone was satisfied with the results. The Arabization in the schools has really been managed under terrible conditions and has delivered a generation of illiterate bilinguals mastering neither Arabic nor French.

Arabization has created numerous problems, including linguistic generational differences. Parents, mostly middle class parents educated in French, have complexity following their children's education and in transmitting to their children the culture and cultural information that they themselves have acquired, thus depriving children of significant cultural knowledge.

Education still suffers from problems with the language of instruction, poor teaching, haphazard job placement (lack of systematization), lack of industrial linkages, and lack of flexibility. These problems produce graduates with inadequate skills in unwanted areas and the inability to adapt.