Teach English Abroad   Algeria

If English is your native language and you wish to work with people of dissimilar interests, ages, and backgrounds, teaching English in Algeria may be an interesting experience for you.

flag_algeriaAlgeria is country in northwestern Africa and the second largest country on the African continent. It has the longest distances of North Africa, the dramatic and green coast of the north, mountains with people of strong cultural identity, endless desert, breathtaking oases, and volcanic mountains.

At the same time Algeria has had its appeal in low tourist numbers, and a cultivated and hospitable people. Today however, normal traveling in Algeria is extremely difficult and heavily restricted because of the ongoing conflict of the country.

Primary education in Algeria is free and compulsory for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. Roughly nine-tenths of boys of that age are in school; enrollment for girls is slightly lower.

The Algerian educational system has experienced extreme difficulty in trying to accommodate the increasing number of school-age children.
The educational system, long patterned after the French, was changed by a program of Arabization soon after independence. The government introduced new teaching methods and began training Algerian teachers and bringing in Arabic-speaking teachers from other countries. However, Algerians education levels are still way below the desired level.

Country Information
Look through the comprehensive essential information concerning the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria in order to be prepared for the life in this country when deciding to teach English there.
State of Education
Education system in Algeria is not currently in a good state because of the numerous reasons. Get to know about the most vivid reasons resulting to the deterioration of education in Algeria.